My Bio

Hey everybody!

My name is Matthew (or Matt, that’s what my friends call me, so you can call me Matt) and I’m 21 years old. I’m from New Hampshire in the United States, but most of my high school years my family and I lived on a military base on Kwajalein, an island in the Marshall Islands. We’re not a military family my dad just got a job out there. If you have no clue where that the Marshall Islands are, they’re in the middle of the Pacific Ocean near the Equator about halfway between Hawaii and Australia. My family moved back to the US about a year and a half ago.
Right now, I’m a junior at Knox College in the state of Illinois. I’m studying philosophy primarily with a side focus on history and religious studies. I’ve also taken creative writing classes.
Why study philosophy, history and religious studies? I love to think and imagine. I enjoy thinking about philosophical issues and how they relate to ethics, politics, history and religious beliefs. Knox is also a small school and I really love it.
I’m a writer. I hope to become an author someday (John Green is a huge inspiration to me). I’m currently working on a fantasy novel/series about a boy named Aaron and his sister Katrina that is based heavily on the Norse myth of Ragnarok, but it’s still my own interpretation and it’s not a carbon copy of the original myth. I also have tons of other ideas I want to work on. Haha.
I am also contributing to a new blog run by a group of my fellow Nerdfighters.* If you want to look at that go here: .
Some of the things I like to do when I’m not thinking about or talking/debating about philosophy with friends or writing: Watching online videos: Vlogbrothers, Scishow, Crashcourse, and Hankgames are all right up there among my favorites. I read a lot, mostly fantasy and sci-fi but I do read other genres as well. I loved The Fault in Our Stars of course. I watch the news a lot but I also love a lot of TV shows and movies. I’m obsessed with Doctor Who and Merlin! I listen to music a lot while I work (lots of Hank Green songs of course!). I play video games. I also do a lot of role-playing, mostly D&D probably my favorite activity apart from writing. Other than that I love just spending time with my friends and girlfriend, who is also a nerdfighter (yay for nerdfighterlike!).
Things I dislike: Anything to do with increasing world-suck, serious arguments and tension, and rap.
Random facts about me: I’m ginger and left-handed.
I think that’s pretty much it about me for now. Welcome to my blog! I’m really excited about it and can’t wait to see it grow and get the chance to get to know you and lots more nerdfighters. So have a great day and, as always, DFTBA!
* If you don’t know what a Nerdfighter is, we are people devoted to doing good deeds, making the world a better place, being proud of our nerdiness. We do not fight nerds; we love our brethren, in a Platonic way. Anyone can be a Nerdfighter if they want to be one. Remember, no one can tell you if you are or are not a Nerdfighter, if you want to be one then you are one! For more information, go here:

5 Responses to My Bio

  1. Aly Hughes says:

    Hey there Matt! I really enjoy your blog, and in the spirit of sharing and connecting with fellow bloggers, I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. 🙂

  2. robstroud says:

    Looking forward to reading some of your mythology blogs.

    One question, though. Are you a “Nerdfighter” or a “Nerd Fighter?” Just curious…

  3. Odhiambo says:

    So we are age mates, huh? Wish you well in your endeavors… 🙂

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