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Originally posted on Pandemic Love: Striving To Spread Unconditional Love:
1. Greet a stranger you are passing by or flash them a big smile.  See what happens. 2. Leave a note on a mirror in the bathroom of a public…

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A great post with several great inspirational quotes!

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Originally posted on The Responsive Universe:
  We live on a unique planet of modest size, orbiting an average star in a galaxy that contains several billion other stars. Further, littered across the vast Cosmos are billions of other galaxies…

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Originally posted on Reasonably Ludicrous:
A handy list of Do’s an Don’t’s! DO Wander around your apartment in your underwear. Or, if you’re feeling ‘ballsy,’ completely naked! Your girlfriend was the one who always wanted you to “put some clothes…

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I’m back!

Sorry I’ve been missing in action for so long. I was very busy with school for a long time and then I never got back into the happen of writing blog posts, but I am back now, and I promise … Continue reading

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