Trayvon Martin: What’s Most Important Here

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share some thoughts with you about the semi-recent Trayvon Martin murder case since it is such a raw and powerful issue. I don’t claim to know everything about the case, because I don’t, but I felt like I had to say something.

First of all, rest in peace, Trayvon.

I really hope with all my heart that you can find peace, though with all the political arguments about your death that have been raging like wasp’s nest, it would be a miracle if you have found peace. I’m going to try to help you there, Trayvon.

I think it’s really easy to gets caught up in the politics and racial allegations of this case, but it’s really important to remember that no matter how the case ends up and what turns the politics of the case takes for better or worse, that this isn’t a political issue at its core. Maybe there was a racial reason why Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, and maybe there wasn’t. Maybe the police of Sandra, Florida did not do their duty or their job properly in their handling of this crime, maybe they did. We will probably never know for certain, and even if we could be certain, it would take a long drawn out judicial and political inquiry. I’m not saying that it should not be done, because I think the law enforcement should investigate this case to the best of their ability, but at the end of the day where does that leave us? Where does this huge political firestorm leave us? Yes it’s important to raise awareness that this kind of case happens all too often, and yes it’s important for there to be a trial, but at the end of the day that’s not what really matters.

What does matter is that this was and is a tragic crime. No matter if you think Zimmerman is a cold blooded racist killer who hunted down Trayvon and shot him, or if you think Zimmerman was fighting for his life and shot his gun in self defense, the fact of the matter is that most of us are not involved in this case, the crime nor the situation that has arisen as a result of it. The vast majority of us, the people who have risen up and made this whole situation such a political firestorm, probably had never even heard of Sandra, Florida up until a few weeks ago. The vast majority of us never knew Trayvon, or Zimmerman or ever would have known them. The vast majority of us probably would never have known that Trayvon had had been shot and killed had word of the case not gotten to the national news media stations. Maybe some of you reading this post have no idea what I’m talking about because you still have heard nothing about Trayvon’s death. It’s quite possible.

I want to take a moment to think about that. Had it not been for a stroke of luck that Reuters published a news story about the case written by Ryan Julison and that CBS noticed it and brought it to the national stage, I would never have known Trayvon Martin had existed, much less that he had been killed. Would you have known that Trayvon Martin existed? I doubt it.

It’s a chilling thought for me. I would never have known this boy existed. The fact that he is dead would not have disturbed me in the slightest. I would have gone about my daily life blissfully unaware that a young boy’s life had been snuffed out. I would have continued writing my novel, waste time on facebook and whatever else I do with my day.

I’m not saying we should all strive to know everyone on the planet and know when everyone dies. That’s impossible, not to mention depressing. It is crucial I think, however, to remember our place in this whole situation, and to remember that some people cannot simply walk away from this and forget that it happened as many will with Trayvon’s death. Remember to show compassion for those who most deserve it, like Trayvon’s family does. Like I said, awareness is important, but most of us are not involved in this situation. Many are simply furthering the deterioration of American political discourse without any real benefit, and don’t think I’m pointing the finger of blame at any one group or political party in particular. Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of this.

There are only two group of people that are involved in this situation: Trayvon’s family and Zimmerman. No one else is directly involved in this case. They are the ones at the center of the storm.

Who benefits from this case becoming so charged with political lines and rhetoric? Trayvon certainly doesn’t. He’s not around anymore to be in the fight. As his parents have said, they have killed Trayvon and now they are disrepecting and defaming him publically in death. They are trying to kill him again in death. Neither does Trayvon’s family because this has been such a long, taxing process to try to get justice for their son and mean words on either side only make the situation that much harder for them in the aftermath of such tragedy. Zimmerman doesn’t either because he’s being politically and publically tried on a national stage and by the rhetoric in the media. He’s been protected by some and crucified by others. That’s not to say what he did to say was in any way excusable, killing is never alright in my opinion, but that does not mean he deserves less than a fair trial.

As I said before, some may have forgotten that in all of the media’s coverage of the case with fiery words from both sides, that there are people who are caught in this situation and will never escape from it.

You and I, our lives will go on. We will move passed this case. It will be a sad moment in our life, but one that will inevitably pass from our minds because it does not directly affect us. Trayvon’s parents do not have that luxury. They cannot walk away from this. This event will be with them the rest of their lives. His parents will never forget that Trayvon, their 17 year old son, is dead. His family has been robbed of their son. They will never hold their son again. They will never see him grow to manhood.

Imagine if that happened to your son or daughter if have any, or your possible future children. What would you do?

Now imagine your child’s death became an issue of national political warfare with words being flung from both sides at the other, trying to demonize either Trayvon as a thug and a druggie or Zimmerman as a racist killer. What would you do if that happened?

It would overwhelm anyone. I know I would break down. I don’t think I could do it. As much as I would want justice for my child, being in the center of this kind of fight, where Presidential candidates are making nasty comments about the President of the United States of America made about my child and offering his/her condolences to me on national television, that would be more than I could handle, I think. You never know what you’re capable of taking until you’re faced with the situation though, and I hope and pray to whatever Powers that Be there are up there that I never do find out if I could take it.

Trayvon’s family has dealt with this situation publically with more strength and courage than I could have ever imagined was possible. My deepest condolences go out to them for the loss of their son and I hope for a quick ending to this whole process so they can move on as much as they can. Time will help. It won’t fix everything. The hurt will never go away completely, I know because I have lost family members and a friend, but the pain will lessen with time. I promise.

Until this case is no longer in the light of the public eye and the storm of political argument around their son’s death, they will never get the chance to heal at all, since the wound will always be fresh, open, and bleeding.

King Theodon of Rohan in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers said it perfectly. No parent should have to bury their child.

Similar to my reaction to the thought of being in Trayvon's parent's situation. Only with blonde hair and as a king.

All of this rhetoric being flown is an insult to Trayvon. It tarnishes the image of his life and the memory of him that those who truly knew him have of his life.

Can’t we just stop the bickering for once? For Trayvon’s sake, stop the fighting. This shouldn’t be a partisan political issue at all. A 17 year old being killed should not be an issue for anyone to fight over. It is a tragedy, and let’s leave it at that. Nothing more needs to be said.

Once again, my deepest condolences to Trayvon’s family and rest in peace Trayvon. Words cannot express how sad this whole situation makes me, especially that this crime has become such a toxic political debate. Your friends and family will remember you fondly forever. This will be how they remember you:

Trayvon and his dad.

And is that so much to ask for, really? For Trayvon’s family friends to be able to remember the boy the way they want to remember him. I don’t think it’s too much to ask.



I’m sorry this post was such a downer. I’ll try to end on a happier note. Here bask in the glory that is Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All (also known by the alias Alfie):

We are all his peasants, unless we’re Mum, Not Mum, or Also Not Mum (aka The Doctor).

My next post will likely be my next post on Norse myth coming this weekend. I still need to pick a topic. I’ll get on that.

Until next time, DFTBA!



For more information about Trayvon’s murder read this:

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2 Responses to Trayvon Martin: What’s Most Important Here

  1. This is so true on so many levels. We, the public do tend to forget that there is a family who are grieving over the death of their son. IMO it belittles and degrades that grief when the circumstances of the victims death becomes a battle ground in the political arena. And when all is said and done, whatever the outcome and however Zimmerman is punished, Trayvon will still be dead and his family will still be grieving when the politicians and us, the public have moved on and forgotten.
    Very interesting and informative post. Thank you.

    • dmmaster42 says:

      My thoughts exactly. The public has forgotten, I think, that there is a grieving family behind all of this, and they want to grieve, when all the public wants to due is get vengeance on Zimmerman. There’s nothing of value in that. Innocent people are being affected as well. I think there was an old couple who had to be relocated because someone famous tweeted their address as Zimmerman’s address. It’s all so terrible.

      Thank you and you’re welcome. I’m glad you liked it!

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