A wonderful, inspirational post about the nature of the universe and the Christian God or rather the idea of a benevolent Supreme Being.

The Responsive Universe


We live on a unique planet of modest size, orbiting an average star in a galaxy that contains several billion other stars. Further, littered across the vast Cosmos are billions of other galaxies home to billions more stars.

Everything tangible and intangible in the Cosmos is made of energy. Everything seen and unseen within this grand Universe is composed of particles and waves of light that are interconnected.

A Universe boundless in periphery; its energy and form immeasurable; everything connected at the sub-atomic level weaves this complex tapestry that is everything.

Despite the immensity of the Cosmos; despite the far-reaching realm of space and time, there is a connective quality to all that exists. Everything is linked to this responsive field of energy. It is here in the quantum Universe that actions create reactions and energy can’t be destroyed, it simply changes form. In an interstellar dominion of noble…

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I'm a fantasy/fiction/philosophical writer.
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  1. Interesting, I have only logged in today to post a response I gave in a debate on the nature of God on G+ and I noticed you had subscribed, having read this I think you might enjoy it though it is a little longer and less poetic. Actually probably a lot longer.

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