Updates (New Theme and novel details!)

So you might have noticed I made some changes in the scenery of the blog. I decided the background needed to be brightened up a little, hence the change of themes. I might change it again if I find another theme I like better.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to finish the first draft of my novel inspired by the Norse myth Ragnarok. So far I have not met my goal, but I am hopeful and there’s plenty of this year left for me too sit and stare at my computer not typing, or on Facebook. The Facebook one is probably more likely. Anyway, I wanted to give you an update on my progress with the rough draft of my manuscript.

As of right now, I have just over 43,300 words split between seven complete chapters and a ton of detailed notes, mostly for the late middle of the book, and the end. The middle is mostly vague fog of nothingness right now. Hopefully that will change soon though.

Does anyone else have any big writing projects they’re working on right now? Any non-writing projects? Maybe we can get inspired together. Maybe I’ll make a post about what I do to beat writer’s block. I think that might be helpful for people.

Also, I will be contributing at times to an awesome new blog that you should check out. Right now it’s just starting up, so there are only introductory posts up, but it will get going fast over the next few weeks. Here’s a link to that: http://nerdfighterias-international-college.blogspot.com/

Until next time,



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I'm a fantasy/fiction/philosophical writer.
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10 Responses to Updates (New Theme and novel details!)

  1. Aly Hughes says:

    Hey there, I’m glad I came across your blog! I’m not all too familiar with Norse Mythology but after reading your ‘Bio’ and such, it sounds like a really good concept. I’m actually pretty jealous that you’re so far along, I just started two novels and am nowhere near that far! Then again, that’s probably what I get for deciding, after having never written a novel, that I was going to attempt two at once. But hey, when inspiration strikes, who am I do deny it?
    I look forward to reading more from your blog. Cheers!

    • dmmaster42 says:

      Thanks! That really means a lot. Norse myths are something I have gotten into studying lately, and I think they’re absolutely fascinating. Maybe I should make some blog posts about Norse myths, that would be fun and probably educational for people!

      I’ve just been extremely stubborn. That’s a lot of why I’ve gotten so far. Two projects at once is hard, but not impossible. If you feel like you have to continue with both, then do it. Maybe something will break through. Is there a way to combine them? That’s how I got to this current plot for a novel. I had a couple of ideas for stories and scenes and then I added Norse mythology and my current novel was the story that emerged. I have other projects simmering at the back of my mind though. They’re just waiting to burst. You could also try really hard to focus on one at a time. I know that when inspiration hits it’s not easy to ignore, but it might be worth a try.

      I’m glad! Cheers!

      • Aly Hughes says:

        Hey, I know I would love to read more about Norse mythology if you do post stuff. 😉

        Thanks for the encouragement! I like how you were able to blend your ideas together. Mine will forever be apart though. The one I’m actively writing is a fiction novel about a 22 year old girl who is trying to get her life back on track after being estranged from her family, dropping out of college, and getting dumped by her boyfriend who shares an apartment with her. The other novel is, well, set in a sort fantastical dystopian/post-magic-apocalyptic world. Fantasy with a definite sci-fi flare, if you will, and that is still in the planning and mapping out stages. So far it hasn’t been too bad since I’m at different stages in the processes, but once I get to a point where I’m actively writing for both of them, then it’ll get hectic!

      • dmmaster42 says:

        I will definitely have to do that. It will be tons of fun, Norse myths are awesome, and more than a little messed up.

        Both sound cool. No problem, I know what it’s like to need encouragement. haha

        In that case I would try to write the one that you’re farther on, or the one you get the most inspiration about. It might make things easier.

        Edit: Thanks for following my blog!

  2. live60 says:

    Good to hear from you, Matt. Unlike most people I don’t need encouragement or inspiration since my imagination is a bottomless pit. This not to mention I have a vast amount of life experience (perhaps due to my imagination leading me), and so I can easily fit all kinds of scenarios together. I wrote three novels last year, a screenplay and edited a novel for an astrophysicist. And yes, I have other projects. I’ve been trying to put my first indie movie together.


  3. Novel Girl says:

    Yep, I’m re-writing my WIP novel. It’s a psych. thriller. It was so fat with over-writing before. I’ve trimmed 7,000 words so far and I still have a few more thousand to go (I reckon).

    P.S. I’m on my 9th draft. I feel like killing off my characters in the first 100 words for the next re-write. Solve their problems early on.

    What’cha think?

    • dmmaster42 says:

      Sounds cool. Yeah, I’ve had to trim mine as I kept getting more clear, better fitting ideas for my WIP novel. I’m trying not to edit as I’m writing my first draft as much as I have in the past so I can actually get it done. haha

      Killing characters can definitely solve some problems in a story. I often have a problem with making too many characters than I can feasibly deal with in a single novel so I have to get rid of some. At least it’s getting better after nine drafts?

      • Novel Girl says:

        I agree. Just pour out the story and then go back to fix up issues. Otherwise you won’t finish. Not following this advice is what caused me writer’s block during my first draft.

        I know I’m biased, but oh yes! When I first started writing this manuscript, I didn’t know what the active/passive voice was or “showing vs. telling”. Needless to say it was horrible. I’ve re-written it many times and it’s finally sounding good. There’s work to go but it’s looking like something that has hope.

      • dmmaster42 says:

        Yeah, this novel is easily the farthest I’ve ever gotten, and I plan on finishing it no matter what. Which means telling the inner editor to shut up and sit down.

        That’s good it’s getting better! The only good thing that has come of the edits I’ve made while writing so far have been to edit in more showing, better emotions, active voice and the like, beyond just better ideas I came up with.

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